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Small Kitchen Ideas to Create a Foodie Dream Space

kitchen designs can be fabulous. When upgrading fixtures or tackling a remodel, improve the efficiency of the space by installing sleek, stylish features with innovative functionality. With a little DIY know-how and inspiration, it’s simple to use these small kitchen ideas to create a culinary dream space.

Improve kitchen safety with a pot filler

Trying new recipes and hosting a dinner party to share with friends is delightful. Consider installing a wall-mount pot filler behind the cooktop to make filling stock pots for boiling pasta or creating homemade soups fast and convenient without carrying a heavy, full pot of water across the kitchen.

Choose a high-arc faucet

Is it troublesome to get juicer accessories, stock pots and pitchers under the current kitchen faucet? Upgrading to a high-arc style that swivels instantly takes out the guess work of making large kitchen accessories fit in the sink when washing and filling. For added luxury and cleanliness, choose a faucet with hands-free motion-sensing technology to keep germy fingers off levers and reduce water waste.

Indulge in a deeper sink

No space for a dishwasher in a galley kitchen? Invest in a kitchen sink with a basin large enough to submerge colanders, saucepans or blender carafes to easily soak away cooked-on foods and dried smoothie residue, making dish washing much easier.

Whether you favor traditional decor, modern, or a bit of both, identifying your design inspiration can help you create the bathroom and kitchen of your dreams.

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